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A comprehensive Canada colleges list is a crucial starting point for your research. Unlike the United States, Canadian community colleges are distinctly different from universities. Both Community and Career colleges generally refer to learning a technical skill or “applied” science and/or arts. Universities, of course, are degree granting institutions.

If this isn’t confusing enough, there are also institutes in Canada that are called “university colleges”. Basically, these institutions can issue undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees but not post graduate Master’s or Doctorates.

The Modern Face of Community Colleges in Canada

Community colleges in Canada offer diplomas that are recognized by other schools and institutions and are generally publically funded as well (not fully of course as tuition is always required). When you review any Canada college list, make sure that you are aware of the differences between the type of college as well as the college itself.

Remember, the term “college” can apply to “Community College” or “Career College”.

Community colleges are often an attractive choice for post-secondary student who wish to experience a broader education combined with technical training in a specific field. Community colleges offer a lot of choice and options even while pursuing a specific diploma. Unlike career colleges, it is easier to switch programs, or add additional courses in other areas to your educational experience. Many university graduates also take up college courses when considering a related vocation. The community college experience is a unique one and the options for Canadian and international students in plentiful to say the least.

Community colleges are also very broadly defined as they can offer a general liberal arts education all the way to very specific industry job training. There are over 125 community colleges across Canada – many in major as well as regional cities. Colleges are a lot more accessible to those in rural or remote locations because where there is often not a university close-by, a college is usually not too far away. While most colleges do not generally operate any housing arrangements on campus (as universities usually do), the admissions office will usually be able to provide a preferred lodging/housing list from local apartment buildings, property manager/landlords, as well as private rooming house owners in the vicinity.

Most community colleges grant diplomas, professional certificates and in the case of university-colleges, undergraduate degrees as well.

Canada Colleges List

Our institutes in Canada website provides a comprehensive list of colleges in Canada in addition to career colleges and universities of course.

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