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Choosing Private Colleges in Ontario

For over a hundred years, education in Canada and education in Ontario has been the responsibility of the government. Of course to this very day provincial government s (and federal but to a lesser extent) set the qualifications for what is a required for a degree and/or diploma granting institution in Canada. Because education in…

What is a Vocational School?

Language and terminology can be terribly confusing when it comes to the education system in Canada. The education training vocational category is quite popular and plentiful in Canada but the label differs slightly. The term “vocation” meaning job isn’t used a lot in Canada. And the same goes for “vocational schools” or “vocational technical training”….

What is a Career Canada College?

Canadian universities and community colleges have been the unofficial standard image of post-secondary education in Canada. Many schools rooted in tradition, and accessible to many students across Canada and beyond through subsided tuition, grants, scholarships, and general financial support of the institution itself, have been the main option considered by most students. Career Colleges Canada…