Can You Count To Account For An Accounting Degree Online?

Playful title aside, the experience of earning an accounting degree online is rich and rewarding.

Accounting has been called “the language of business.” The most successful businessmen and women have knowledge of accounting practices. Receiving a post-secondary education in this fieldis a great way to make a resume more marketable, and experiencing that education online makes it possible for the student to remain committed to a job, family or any other commitments.

There are a variety of online institutions which make it possible for any student to complete an accounting degree online.

One can earn several types of accounting degrees on the web. A bachelors degree in economics or a bachelor of business administration (or bachelor of commerce) degree with a concentration in accounting is suitable for a student who possesses a high school diploma or GED. These undergraduate courses cover more generalized knowledge. Online business or commerce degrees concentrating in finance will give a well-rounded experience and teach the students economics, organizational behaviour, human resources and of course accounting distance learning courses.

Web-based students can also specialize or minor in accounting in other distance learning undergraduate programs such as an online financial math degree or an online economics degree. It also may be easier to find an online university offering these fields of study with accounting courses instead of dedicated accounting majors.

Students who specifically pursue accounting online degrees will be saturated in math and accounting courses and will work toward familiarizing themselves with auditing, bookkeeping and other accounting practices. Graduates possessing an accounting degree may be more marketable toward a variety of jobs such as public accounting, corporate accounting, tax accounting, forensic accounting and consultants.

Business, economics, math and accounting courses are all very assignment-heavy, even in the undergrad years. Online courses are ideal for flexible yet self-motivated students. Taking time to fully ‘zone’ into the lectures will help the student better understand formulas and practices. Business, economics and accounting students also usually have tests more frequently than humanities or science students, so online tests will be administered quite often.

Because of the difficulty of assignments, students who are less sure of their own skills should shop around for online institutions which offer accessible online tutors.

A masters degree in accounting or a masters of business administration degree specializing in the area are only attainable for students who have earned an undergraduate degree. Because it is a master’s course, the applicant’s undergraduate grade point average will also need to be sufficient. Masters degrees take two years to complete, though through online learning many of these courses can be condensed through enrolling in summer courses.

Online masters degrees in accounting or related fields are also packed with frequent assignments and mostly focus on more practical application of the knowledge covered in the undergraduate level. Usually, masters students will be given the opportunity to specialize in one field of accounting, such as tax accounting.

Remember that there is a difference between earning an accounting degree and becoming a part of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. In order to practice as a chartered accountant in Canada, one needs an undergraduate degree and must pass a three-day uniform evaluation in their province of practice. The same pertains for certified management accountants (CMAs). Students possessing a bachelor’s degree may still become a Chartered Accountant.

With a finance degree, Canadian graduates usually start at salaries of $30-45,000, but with experience can work themselves up to make far more. It is a valuable education, and the opportunity to complete it online is a dream come true for many hopeful accountants.

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