Choosing Private Colleges in Ontario

For over a hundred years, education in Canada and education in Ontario has been the responsibility of the government. Of course to this very day provincial government s (and federal but to a lesser extent) set the qualifications for what is a required for a degree and/or diploma granting institution in Canada. Because education in Canada is still heavily funded and subsidized by the government(s) it’s no surprise that their involvement is well entrenched.

And what good is a school whose program completion is not recognized by the degree granting bodies?

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated. First, the definition of private versus public education has and is continuing to evolve greatly. The lines can get blurry between government and private funding and involvement due to changing circumstances, budget realities, and of course the need for education to change and adapt to a changing workplace.

Emergence of Ontario Private Career Colleges

And this of course creates a vacuum in our education system that is easily filled by the expanding presence of private career colleges or trade vocational schools. You many have seen the commercials for DeVry or other private education institutions. These school choices should not be dismissed or regarded any less than traditional public streams of education. In fact, many of these private career colleges in Ontario offer unique and specialized education that is often best suited and tailored for specific workplace jobs and careers. Often these schools vastly outperform the more traditional colleges. Sometimes, traditional public colleges may also not be physically accessible due to geography. Private career colleges may be the perfect choice for you.

Quest For Legitimacy For Private Colleges in Ontario

Finally, for Canada or private career college Ontario, it’s a relief knowing that their recognition as an integral part of Canada’s education system is official. Private colleges in Ontario are now being granted official degrees that used to be only the exclusive domain of the public option. And this development will likely continue in future as well as more schools adapt to government requirements while continuing to offer new, convenient, industry-regarded, and technologically advanced programs to fit the needs of today’s students.

In fact, many private career schools in Canada routinely partner with public colleges and universities as well. And of course a lot of their specific programs are tailored uniquely lending themselves to specific education and even ‘job training’ for new careers in new areas of industry. This makes a graduate from just such a program a valuable asset as the assumption is they will require less ‘on-the-job’ training saving the employer more productivity with a better suited applicant.

Such is the changing face of education in Ontario …. and Canada!

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