Why Study In Canada?

We get this question a lot:

Why study in Canada?

For those seeking education from a Western nation, there’s certainly no shortage of options. The most attractive option is always US universities and colleges – considered as some of the world’s best. And let’s not forget that Britain is no slouch on the world stage of post-secondary study. But Canada is not only a fast growing alternative to these powerhouse nations, but an increasingly popular and affordable choice.

Here’s just a a few good reasons why international students colleges and universities in Canada over other nations:

Canada is a safe place to study

Consistently ranked as one of the safest nations in the world to live and work by the United Nations, Canada has a low crime rate, fair justice/judicial system largely free of corrupting influence, fair and competent police force, and few restrictions on your ability to move freely within Canada. There is also a strong relationship that the local law enforcement cultivates with local communities. Canada college for international students is pretty well integrated in every college and university of Canada.

Canada is economically stable

Economic instability not only contributes to crime rate but also severely affects quality of life. Canada is has largely weathered the economic trauma caused by the US and world credit/debt/housing crisis. That’s not to say that Canada is immune from such forces. However, given the strong resource based economy and regulated banking sectors, Canada is far ahead of many Western countries in terms of economic stability. Canada also has a large middle class, and relatively low unemployment rate.

Fairness and Equality

Canada has no barriers to individual success and wealth creation. Outside of fundamental socio-economic hurdles, there is little to prevent a person from reaching their full potential in Canada. The Canadian constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms strictly protects individual liberties regardless of sex, sexual preference, age, ethnic minority, race, etc.


Canadian healthcare is world-class and for Canadian citizens it is a free healthcare system. There are hospitals in every major urban and rural centre as well as access to doctors, emergency services, etc.

Multiculturalism and Diversity

Arguably the most important factor in a choosing to study in Canada is multiculturalism. As non-Canadian, international students of any background, race or ethnic minority will have support networks, social networks and representation in Canada. Unlike many other Western countries, Canada openly welcomes ethnic minorities, respects their ethnicity, and affords the same rights and human respect and dignity as any other race, colour or creed. That’s not to say Canada is immune from prejudice or discrimination. However, of all countries in the world, Canada is probably the most harmonious when it comes to multiculturalism without pressure to assimilate. This applies even more overtly to universities and colleges in Canada.

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  1. techie
    May 3, 2012 | 2:18 am

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