Why You Should Get Your MBA in Canada

Business universities in Canada are plentiful. In every province, and virtually every major (and some minor) cities in Canada, there is a Business School program ready and waiting for your enrollment.

MBA in Canada

Most students who look at opportunities in Canada focus on getting an MBA in Canada. And with good reason. Canada does have some of the best business school program in the world. Though many are not well known internationally, the MBA market in Canada is alive and well and not only prospering, but thriving!

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate level degree that essentially prepares the student for a intensive business economic and practical education. Many Canadian MBA programs are tied to industry and often include formal and/or informal internships and even possible permanent, long-term employment.

While there are a lot of variations within MBA programs – some are condensed in less than 2 years while others can be completed over several years, the main distinction is the MBA and EMBA (or Executive MBA program). Essentially, an Executive MBA differs in that it’s primarily geared towards returning students who are already employed somewhere and wishes to broaden their education either for personal career aspirations, or must do so as part of a company mandated or directed opportunity. Students enrolled in EMBA’s tend to be older, mature students returning to school after 5+ years in the workforce. Of course, this is not always the case, but generally speaking this is the design of the EMBA.

The MBA business school program is of course a post-grad program usually geared for business students wishing to further their education or set their career path on the executive track. MBA degrees are often company criteria for senior level and general management positions. Also, MBA degrees may be a requirement for specific fields like consulting and investment banking, actuarial sciences, etc.

Either way, recent studies shown that in spite of the high cost of MBA programs and in spite of the uncertain economic conditions facing us globally, an MBA degree is still worth the money and increases the likelihood of earning a higher starting salary as well as more career opportunities earlier in a budding career.

Why Choose Business Universities in Canada?

Canadian universities have plenty of public and private MBA education programs available to students. Less costly than comparable US alternatives yet in an environment enjoying the same standard of living, western teaching approach, internationally recognized degree, and plentiful employment opportunities, a Canadian MBA is definitely worth considering.

From what I understand, after completing an MBA, you’ll be granted a one year work permit after successfully completing the program. You must immediately find a job and work in Canada for a year or more fulltime. Then you can apply to the CEC immigration class. It takes about a year, but check with the Government of Canada (http://www.cic.gc.ca/). Then of course you’re well on your way to getting a permanent residence card, etc.

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