Why International Students should consider Online Degrees in Canada

Online education offers a variety of options and flexibility; from Athabasca University, a strictly online college, to the University of Toronto which is one of leading institutions of higher education in the world. What both these establishments have in common is that they both offer the opportunity to obtain a degree by distance education.

Canadians pride themselves on the excellent education that is provided by our system. Canada is consistently ranked among the best in test scores at all levels of education, having excellent reading and math skills in primary education. It is currently ranked 2nd among 17 similar countries such as the United States and the UK in terms of level of overall experience gained as well as the skills that are developed through all levels.

For International students, attending one of these Universities can be out of reach due to cost and relocation. In fact, International students pay on average $15,500 every year in tuition fees, while Canadian undergraduates pay $5,366, which is almost three times more. Not to mention that the international students in graduate programs and professional programs such as law and medicine pay $25,000 and $40,000 a year respectively.

That is why online degree programs Canada are an excellent option. Online degree courses provide excellent flexibility for those who are not willing or able to attend school in Canada. Tuition fees for non- Canadian students vary depending on the particular institution, and level of study. Undergraduate 3- credit programs can range in price from $1000 – $1500, while graduate degrees will cost more. There is also the consideration of travel expenses, moving to Canada as well as visiting family.

Aside from the obvious, cost saving examples, degree online Canada has many other advantages, which are important to consider. The obvious example is the ability to stay in your country of origin without having to complete the complicated process of acquiring visas and entry documents. Also, online degrees in Canada allow students to learn at their own pace and level. Degree programs require international students to complete English Assessment tests as well as providing courses that help to improve English. Also, there are first-year courses that are specifically geared to foreign students which will make the transition to Canadian education more seamless.

Online degree programs Canada provide many opportunities for students that are planning to attend Universities in Canada in the future as well as for those who have already completed some course work in their country. Students have the ability to transfer credits from online degree courses to other Canadian Universities, and there is also the possibility of having credits that have already been completed, transferred to their online degree.

Online degrees in Canada are a great option for International students because they are extremely cost effective and offer excellent flexibility and advantages. Accredited online programs are gaining recognition as being great tools to gain further educational experience and can be recognized in Canada as well as abroad.

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