Online Business Courses Can Help Sort Your IPO From Your ROI

Online business courses can be sought for a number of purposes. Some would like a quick, somewhat informal lesson on business basics in order to enhance their skills as a businessperson, whereas some are looking for certification for a change in careers. Regardless of why a person is seeking online business education, business degrees are one of the easiest kinds of degrees to achieve through distance learning in Canada.

If one is seeking some simple and more informal lessons and, more importantly, does not care about walking away from their education with a degree, diploma or certificate, paying for this education is a waste. Multiple free opportunities for basic education in business ethics and practices can be found through Google.  If a web site wants to take money without producing a certificate, diploma or degree from a recognized institution (for example, an Ontario-based institution should be accredited and recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities), make sure you are aware of the accreditation offered or lack thereof prior to enrolling.

Of course, those not interested in earning a full business degree online who still want a top of the line, formal education can also register in single distance learning business courses through colleges or universities. Canadian universities such as Athabasca university or community colleges such as George Brown College also offer single 100-level (or first-year level) business courses to non-students to gain some formal education in math, accounting, human resources or organizational behaviour. While a single course cannot give a student a degree, it is something that can be added to a resume since the online school will have records of the students’ grades and attendance.

For those who wish to go all out and invest in a full degree or diploma, there are a number of accredited institutions which offer business degrees online.

It is important, however, to know the difference between a business or commerce degree and a business diploma.

A business degree may open up more doors for someone hoping to advance and climb the corporate ladder throughout their career, since these degrees offer education in complex maths and theoretical subjects such as organizational behaviour. Larger business schools such as Wilfrid Laurier University, York University or the the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario also offer specialized streams in business such as accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship or marketing.

On the other hand, a community college business diploma may be a more wise investment for someone merely looking into general administration. College educations are typically far less expensive than university degree program and tend to cut past the bulky theory of a university business education. Most college business diploma programs are two to three years, though distance learning formats allow students to compress or spread out their program length depending on non-academic commitments such as part-time jobs or childcare. Many college business administration programs still offer accounting options, which can prepare graduates to pursue their Chartered Accountant certifications.

One of the reasons business programs are so easy to organize online is because business courses require few labs and are more dependant on factors such as assignments than on in-class participation or discussion. In the case of students pursuing an online business degree, they may miss out on some of the most thrilling aspects of specialized business programs. Business case competitions where business students work with budding young companies on business and marketing strategies can help expose young businesspeople to a more high-pressure aspect of the business world and help them forge long-lasting connections. An online business or commerce degree also denies a student the opportunity to deliver presentations such as highly competitive New Venture projects.

Despite some limitations, online business courses, whether they are degrees, diplomas or simply a few pages of helpful tips from professionals, can help anyone from a young university-aged student to a mature adult looking for a career change. They are readily available and can spruce up a resume and portfolio for someone seeking almost any career.

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