What To Look For In Postgraduate Schools In Canada

Pursuing postgraduate studies in Canada has never been easier or more accessible. Universities and colleges are adding a plethora of postgraduate programs to add to the marketability of a student’s degree or diploma. When choosing from different postgraduate schools in Canada, it is important to consider several factors.

The first thing to consider is what your goal is – do you want to further your theoretical academic studies in a subject, or do you want to gain knowledge to apply your undergraduate education to a more practical environment? A master’s degree at a university is better suited for the former goal while a postgraduate college program is necessary for the latter.

Postgraduate college programs require either a degree or a diploma and can add more specialized skills to a student’s work. For example, George Brown College offers an Autism and Behavioural Specialist program, an excellent accompaniment for a university graduate with a psychology degree or a college graduate with a child and youth worker diploma – just to name a few examples.

Postgraduate college certificates also help to add a hands-on approach to previous learning. Fanshawe College in London is renowned for its advanced film-making course, a postgraduate program that applies the principles of film theory to a twelve-month course that sees students producing high-end films. Cambrian College’s environmental monitoring and impact reporting program can help prepare graduate students with a background in geography or environmental studies for public or private sector work.

On the other hand, university master’s degree programs can further a student’s proficiency in reading complex theoretical work. Science graduates are most likely to benefit from postgraduate studies since undergraduate work concentrates on far more generalized science subjects. Master’s degrees and PhDs are a huge asset for any science student who wants to work with people as opposed to working in research fields.

A master’s of business administration is also turning into one of the most sought-after postgraduate courses in Canada. The degree is not limited to graduates holding a bachelor’s of business administration – many enter postgraduate business studies from backgrounds in health sciences, humanities and even fine arts. An MBA gives professionals a business edge and can open up their career possibilities to a more management, sales or analytics-focused line of work.

Some master’s degrees are geared toward a more specific career path. For example, a master’s of social work (MSW) degree opens up limited career paths, but working as a licensed social worker absolutely requires an MSW. Some of Canada’s best universities for an MSW program include the University of Calgary which features both social work and clinical social work, Wilfrid Laurier University with its brand-new social work campus that offers a specific focus on Aboriginal social work, and the University of Toronto. U of T is Canada’s oldest and most populous university and offers literally hundreds of postgraduate programs (with three separate specialized social work programs alone). Its enriching academic environment makes the university one of the best environments for postgraduate study in Canada.

Be cautious – the same program at two different schools may have completely different prerequisites. For example, a master’s degree in history at the University of Waterloo may require an undergraduate degree in history whereas the same degree at Lakehead University may only require a few history courses with an impressive GPA. Choosing a school to complete postgraduate studies at is not simply a matter of choosing a school from a hat – different institutions allocate different amounts of funding to research opportunities and not every school gives postgraduate students the same opportunities to become teaching or research assistants. Beyond touring potential schools, contacting instructors in your desired department via email is a sure way to get the inside scoop on the situation for postgraduate students.


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